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Hannah Spearritt Biography| Wiki, Net Worth, Partner, Children , Age, Movies & TV Shows & More

Hannah Spearritt is a famous English Actress and Singer. She holds a special place in the hearts of many as an original member of the vibrant pop group, S Club. With her undeniable charm and magnetic presence, Hannah has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Hannah Spearritt Biography| Wiki, Net Worth, Partner, Children , Age, Movies & TV Shows & More

Hannah Spearritt Wiki

Real Name Hannah Louise Spearritt
Nick Name Little Ted, Minty, Ted, Spanner, Hen, Titch
Date Of Birth 1 April 1981
Age (as in 2023)
42 years
Birthplace Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Height  5 feet 4 inches OR 163cm OR 1.63m
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Home town Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Nationality English
Religion Christianity
Profession Actress, Singer
Food Habit Non- vegetarian


Hannah Spearritt’s journey as an entertainer began at a young age when, at 12 years old, she landed a role in the Lowestoft Players’ production of Annie. Her talent and passion for performance were evident, leading her to successfully audition for the prestigious National Youth Music Theatre. This marked the beginning of her involvement in various theatrical productions, including Tin Pan Ali and the West End musical Bugsy Malone.

In 1998, Hannah’s life took a transformative turn when she auditioned for and became a member of the iconic pop group S Club. Over the course of their five-year journey, S Club achieved remarkable success, dominating the UK music scene with four number one singles and a number one album. With their infectious sound and energetic performances, they captured the hearts of fans worldwide, selling over fourteen million albums.

After S Club disbanded in 2003, Hannah embarked on a new chapter in her career. She explored her acting talents, making her way to Los Angeles to audition for the film Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. Her foray into acting continued with roles in projects such as the horror film Seed of Chucky and the BBC series Blessed.

In 2006, Hannah landed a significant role in the popular ITV series Primeval, portraying the character of Abby Maitland. As a reptile enthusiast entangled in time-traveling adventures, she showcased her versatility and captivated audiences with her performance. Hannah’s acting prowess extended to other notable appearances, including Agatha Christie’s Marple and the critically acclaimed stage production of One Man, Two Guvnors.

In 2015, Hannah graced the BBC medical drama Casualty, taking on the role of Mercedes Christie. Her portrayal of a complex character navigating the challenges of the medical world garnered praise and further showcased her range as an actress. The following year, she joined the cast of EastEnders as Kandice Taylor, adding another layer of depth to her repertoire.

Beyond her professional achievements, Hannah Spearritt has embraced the joys of motherhood. In 2018, she welcomed her first daughter into the world, and in 2020, she celebrated the birth of her second daughter with her partner, Adam Thomas.

Throughout her artistic journey, Hannah Spearritt has demonstrated a remarkable blend of talent, versatility, and dedication. From her early days in theater to her chart-topping success with S Club and her acclaimed acting roles, she continues to captivate audiences with her unique presence and unwavering passion for her craft.

Top Hit Movies & TV Shows

Hannah Spearritt, an artist with a multifaceted talent, has graced both the small and big screens with her captivating presence.

  1. S Club: Seeing Double (2003): Hannah’s infectious energy and magnetic stage presence shine brightly in this musical comedy film. Alongside her fellow S Club members, she takes audiences on a delightful journey filled with humor, adventure, and toe-tapping music. The film showcases Hannah’s innate ability to light up the screen and charm viewers with her undeniable talent.
  2. Primeval (2007-2011): In this thrilling British science-fiction drama series, Hannah Spearritt portrays the fearless and resourceful Abby Maitland. With her unwavering determination and sharp wit, she captivates audiences as part of a team battling prehistoric creatures and navigating the complexities of time travel. Hannah’s portrayal brings depth and authenticity to her character, making Abby a fan-favorite and leaving viewers eagerly anticipating her every appearance.
  3. Casualty (2016): Making a guest appearance in this long-running British medical drama series, Hannah delivers a powerful performance as Mercedes Christie. Through her portrayal, she skillfully portrays the inner struggles and complexities of a troubled character. Hannah’s nuanced acting brings Mercedes to life, adding an extra layer of depth to the show’s rich tapestry of compelling storylines.
  4. EastEnders (2017-2018): Joining the cast of this iconic British soap opera, Hannah takes on the role of Kandice Taylor, injecting a dose of vibrant energy into the show. With her magnetic charisma and impeccable delivery, she brings Kandice to life, showcasing the character’s fiery spirit and adding a touch of drama to the gripping narratives of the EastEnders universe.

Net Worth

her net worth  is estimated to be around $6 million.


Father Name
Mother Name
Siblings Tanya Spearritt, Stuart Spearritt

Personal Life | Children | Partner

Hannah Spearritt Biography| Wiki, Net Worth, Partner, Children , Age, Movies & TV Shows & More

The fateful meeting between Hannah Spearritt and Paul Cattermole took place in 1994, back when their journeys as young performers began in the National Youth Music Theatre. Little did they know that their paths would intertwine further in the years to come. Fast forward to 1999, and both Hannah and Paul found themselves becoming integral members of the wildly popular group, S Club 7. As their careers soared, a deeper connection formed between them, and they embarked on a romantic journey in 2001, a love that would endure for several years until 2006.

In 2006, Hannah’s heart found solace in the arms of Andrew-Lee Potts, a fellow actor she met on the set of the beloved series, Primeval. Their on-screen chemistry blossomed into a real-life romance, and the couple’s love story took flight. The bond between Hannah and Andrew-Lee was so strong that they decided to take their relationship to the next level, becoming engaged in 2008. However, as life often presents its twists and turns, their engagement came to an end in 2013, marking the close of a chapter in their lives.

But the journey of love doesn’t end there. On a joyous day in December 2018, Hannah Spearritt welcomed her first bundle of joy, a precious baby girl, into the world. The arrival of this little one brought immeasurable happiness to Hannah’s life, filling it with a newfound sense of purpose and unconditional love. And the joy continued to multiply, as in December 2020, Hannah joyfully announced the birth of her second daughter, sharing the bliss of parenthood with her partner, Adam Thomas.

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