Vladimir Putin is a Russian Politician, former KGB Agent

He is a good pilot, tank driver, martial artist, sniper, biker, racer, ice hockey player, swimmer

He is called a superhero of global politics, who is a black belt in martial arts and judo, who is fond of horse riding, hunts lions.

In 1994, he became deputy mayor of St. Petersburg for the first time

Putin was the President of Russia from 2000 to 2004, then from 2004 to 2008, and there was a law in Russia that no person can become President more than twice, after which Putin became the Prime Minister of Russia in 2008.

Putin’s net worth is said to be 500 billion dollars, which is the highest in the whole world. He has more than 20 houses and has houses in many places in Europe, according to the news in the media, the price of one of his bungalows is more than $ 750million.

Till 2022, 5 Presidents of America have reached an agreement with him, but none of them has been able to understand him properly till date.

No one had imagined that even in the 21st century there could be a war between two countries, but Putin surprised everyone by attacking Ukraine in February 2022.