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Mia Khalifa Biography | Wiki, Age, Husband, Family , Controversy & Some Interesting Facts

Mia Khalifa is a popular media personality, webcam model, and former adult film actress. She was Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1993, she later moved to Maryland, United States in 2001. Mia began her career in the adult film industry in October 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular actresses on the popular pornographic website, Pornhub, within just two months.

However, her career choice was met with controversy, especially in the Middle East, after a video surfaced online in which she was seen performing sexual acts while wearing a hijab. This resulted in a significant backlash, with many people criticizing her for disrespecting the Islamic religion and culture. Due to this controversy, she was also getting death threats.

Despite the controversy, Mia Khalifa remains a popular media personality and influencer, with a significant following on social media. She has since retired from the adult film industry and has spoken openly about her experiences and the challenges she faced during her time in the industry.

Mia Khalifa Biography | Wiki, Age, Husband, Family , Controversy & Some Interesting Facts

Mia Khalifa Biography | Wiki

Real name
Sarah Joe Chamoun
Stage Name
Mia Khalifa
Nick Name Mia Callista
Date Of Birth 10 February 1993
30 years
Birthplace Beirut (Lebanon)
Height  5 feet 2 inches OR 157cm OR 1.57m
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Home town Beirut (Lebanon)
Nationality Lebanese American
Religion She raised as catholic but she is not a practicing Catholic
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Food Habit Non- vegetarian
School Massanutten Military Academy (Woodstock, Virginia)
Educational Qualification Graduate(Bachelor Of Arts In History)
University University of Texas at El Paso
Profession former pornographic film actress, webcam model & Media personality
Hobbies Cooking & playing football

Early Life

Mia Khalifa, a native of Lebanon, was brought up in the Catholic faith but currently does not adhere to any religion. Her formative years were spent at the French Language Private School in Beirut, where she became proficient in both French and English. In 2001, her family relocated to the United States, and she attended High School. During a recent interview, she revealed that she experienced bullying during her time there and was subjected to derogatory name-calling such as “the darkest and weirdest girl”. Mia Khalifa supported herself by working in various other jobs. She worked as a bartender and model, among other things. Additionally, she served as a “briefcase girl” on a Spanish game show that was similar to Deal or No Deal. Mia Khalifa’s ability to juggle multiple jobs while maintaining her career in the adult entertainment industry demonstrated her tenacity and work ethic.


In 2014, Sarah Joe Chamoun made her debut in the professional pornographic film industry under the stage name “Mia Khalifa.” According to her, her name was derived from her pet dog’s name, Mia, and the American rapper, Wiz Khalifa. She adopted this pseudonym as her professional persona and was known by this name throughout her career in the industry.

Personal Life | Boyfriend | Husband

Mia Khalifa has been through a few marriages and relationships over the years. She married her high school boyfriend in February 2011, but they separated in 2014, with the divorce being finalized in 2016. In 2019, Mia married a professional chef named Robert Sandberg, but they also separated in 2020. In 2022, she entered into a new relationship with a Puerto Rican singer and rapper. Mia Khalifa’s personal life has often been the subject of public scrutiny, but she has remained relatively private about her relationships and divorces.


  • Mia Khalifa gained worldwide attention when Bang Bros studio featured her wearing a hijab in a video. The controversy surrounding the scene led to a significant increase in her popularity, although it also resulted in widespread criticism and caused her parents publicly disowning her. Following the aforementioned controversy, Mia Khalifa began receiving death threats, and a wave of anger and backlash emerged against her in the Arab world. Despite this, the 22-year-old continued to garner attention and became the most searched public figure on the adult sharing website. Her notoriety in the industry continued to increase, and her popularity grew among her fans, even as she faced considerable opposition and condemnation from some segments of society.


  • Mia Khalifa and Bang Bros engaged in a heated argument on social media, where the former claimed to have only worked in 11 adult videos and was in the industry for only three months. However, Bang Bros released a list stating that she had appeared in a total of 28 adult videos, including two for John Stone, one for TR Productions, and 18 for Bang Bros. The studio asserted that Mia Khalifa had, in fact, worked in 17 more videos than she had claimed. This public dispute highlighted ongoing tensions and controversies surrounding Mia Khalifa’s involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

Mia Khalifa Biography | Wiki, Age, Husband, Family , Controversy & Some Interesting Facts

Some Interesting Facts About Mia Khalifa

  • Mia Khalifa started her career in the adult film industry when she was only 21 years old.
  • After stepping away from the adult entertainment industry, Mia Khalifa embarked on a new chapter in her career. She worked as a media personality, sharing her thoughts and opinions on various topics through social media and other platforms. Additionally, she worked as a webcam model and leveraged her popularity to connect with fans and followers online. In recent years, Mia Khalifa has also made a name for herself as a sports commentator, bringing her unique perspective and insights to the world of sports. Through her various endeavors, she has continued to cultivate a loyal following and expand her reach beyond the adult entertainment industry.
  • Mia Khalifa has diversified her career beyond the adult entertainment industry, leveraging her social media presence to connect with fans and pursue various business ventures. She runs a popular YouTube channel, live streams on Twitch, and has built a following on Patreon, where she sells exclusive content and merchandise to her supporters. Additionally, she has sold explicit photos and videos on Findrow, a social media website. Despite her change of career, she has maintained a risqué social media feed, as noted by Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post in 2016.
  • Mia Khalifa has also used her social media presence to support professional sports teams from the Washington, D.C. area. In addition, she has hosted several sports shows, including Out of Bounds with Gilbert Arenas on Complex News’s YouTube channel and Sportsball with Tyler Coe on Rooster Teeth. These endeavors have allowed her to showcase her knowledge and passion for sports, while also expanding her reach beyond the adult entertainment industry.
  • Mia Khalifa’s popularity in the adult entertainment industry has been significant, with her name consistently appearing among the most searched-for actresses on adult websites. In January 2017, xHamster reported that Khalifa was the most searched-for actress of 2016, highlighting her immense popularity at the time. Even after leaving the industry in 2015, her fame endured, with Khalifa still ranking as the second-highest person on Pornhub in 2018. This serves as a testament to her enduring popularity and influence within the adult entertainment industry.


Q: Is Mia Khalifa still active in the adult entertainment industry?

A: No, Mia Khalifa retired from the adult entertainment industry in 2015, just a few months after entering the industry. Since then, she has pursued other careers as a media personality, webcam model, and sports commentator. Mia Khalifa has spoken openly about the challenges she faced during her time in the industry and has advocated for better working conditions and more protections for performers.

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