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Serum Institute of India Wiki, Owner, Net Worth

Serum institute of India is an Indian Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical company based in Pune. This company was founded in 1966 by     Cyrus S. Poonawalla.

Serum Institute of India Wiki, Owner, Net Worth

Serum Institute of India Wiki

It is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer company in the world. Presently the ceo of this company is Adar Poonawalla.


Cyrus S. Poonawalla completed his B.Com in 1964 and wanted to start his own business. His family business was horse breeding and all his horses used to participate in race courses. He felt that his family business would not be able to grow further in India, so he wanted to start another business. One day his mare was bitten by a snake and he contacted Haffkine Institute for Antiserum but he had difficulty in getting Antiserum and during this his mare died. After this incident, he made his first product which was an anti tetanus serum and he made it for the Indian Army because in those days there was fighting on the India and China border and the Indian Army needed this serum. He made this serum after the establishment of his company and he launched this serum in 1966. After this, he made anti diphtheria serum and anti gas gangrene serum and launched it in the market.

He realized that he should concentrate on making vaccine because to manufacture anti-serum, tetanus toxoid and tetanus toxin were required, at that time he used to get it from Haffkine Institute, seeing the need, he started his own vaccine plant. He manufactured many vaccines and after some time he wanted to launch his company in the global market. He started this work in 1982 because the paper work was very time consuming and it took him 8 years to complete the process. In 1993, his company received the World Health Organization’s prequalification for the first time for  measles vaccine.


Success Story

Today the company has more than 25 such products which are prequalified by the World Health Organization and the company sells these products in 170 countries. Today 65% world population is being vaccinated by the vaccine exported by this company. During the corona virus epidemic, this company along with a UK-based company manufactured the Covid Shield vaccine, which proved to be a boon for the people of India. This company saved this country from epidemic by manufacturing more than 136 crore covid shield vaccine.



  • Total Revenue of the company during 2020-2021 is Rs. 7201 crore.


Through notifications, the company keeps taking out paid internship programs from time to time. Jobs are also offered to the recruiters through these internships such as Quality Control Analyst. The company’s internship program ranges from one week to one year. Candidates are given salary ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakh during internship.


Career Options

This company provides jobs in various field including research, vaccine manufacturing, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, production management.


Qualification Required For Various Sector

  • tech /
  • pharma, B.pharma/
  • Science graduate


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